Latest Edition of Ocean Geographic is available

The latest edition of Ocean Geographic is available, featuring some incredible deep water work by the legendary Emory Kristof.

This issue also contains a new series, the OG essential Photo Masterclass, which I’m pleased to have contributed to.

Finally, it also features my article “Surreal Shores”  which is all about the unusual Salvador Dali sponge found in Gorontalo, Indonesia.  My thanks to Rantje Allen and the team at Miguel’s Diving for their support during this assignment.



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Elysium Expedition in the press


National Geographic's David Doubilet amongst the ice

The latest edition of Ocean Geographic magazine features a number of my images in the write up of the Elysium Shackleton Antarctic expedition.  This is the most comprehensive review of the expedition to date and follows on from my own full accounts in French diving magazine Plongée (pictured right) the UK’s DIVE and Germany’s Unterwasser.  My images from this trip also made the Times, the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Metro, Bild, Diver and resulted in an interview with BBC Radio and talks at the worlds largest boat show, Boot 2011, as well as a number of other venues – not a bad haul from a great expedition.

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D-Day wrecks

D-Day wrecks of Normandy article front pageThe current issue of the US magazine Scuba Diving features my account of diving the D-Day wrecks of Normandy.  This was a photographically very challenging trip as the wrecks are relatively deep and water clarity was not always what I would have liked it to have been.  This trip was also one of the most humbling I’ve been involved with. A visit to the war cemeteries is enough to reduce anyone to tears and drives home why worlds must be moved to prevent war .  The images used in this feature can be seen on the gallery page and have now been published by Russia’s, the UK’s and USA’s leading magazines.

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Channel Clipper

Smyrna wreck article

In the June issue of the UK’s DIVE magazine I have an article on the clipper ship Smyrna.  This superb wreck lies 20 miles out into the English Channel, south of the Isle of Wight in approximately 55 metres of water and sunk in the late 19th century after being involved in a collision with a steam ship.

The images for this story were made during a wonderful dive on the wreck in 2010 from Dave Wendes’ boat Wight Spirit. If you haven’t dived with Dave yet, I’d highly recommend it.  As a maritime historian and author of the book South Coast Shipwrecks, every trip is a dive into the history of the worlds busiest shipping lane.

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