Late summer magic

WarildaLate summer and early autumn enabled me to get some great diving in here in the UK.  Diving from Channel Diver with Steve Johnson, we headed to the The mid channel wreck of the Warilda and it proved to be one of the finest dives I’ve done in the UK (I say that often :o).

Gray seal

Lying at 50 metres this 7700 ton hospital ship was sunk during World War 1 by torpedo.

I then headed off to Lundy to dive with some of my BSoUP buddies with the seals from the great boat Obsession – I highly recommend them.  Those three days turned into the best grey seal encounters I’ve ever had – re-enforcing that Lundy is a truly world class dive destination.


SS TagonaEarly September saw me visit North Cornwall to dive some of the deep wrecks there with Atlantic Diver.  This area has some of the clearest waters in the UK – with 15-20 metres visibility not uncommon.  The wrecks are rarely dived.  Who said British diving is no good?  Get it right and it’s up there with the best in the world……

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