About the state of our Oceans

Our Oceans are dying. It is estimated that many of our fish stocks will have completely collapsed in less than 50 years time.

The Shark TrustThe shark fin industry, fuelled by the demand for shark fin soup, has devastated worldwide populations of this apex predator, accounting for the deaths of over 100 million a year. Many species are now at less than 10% of their original populations before industrial fishing methods were deployed and are being hurled towards extinction at an alarming rate.  And all for a tasteless bowl of soup that needs chicken stock to give it any flavour.

What level of intelligence believes that turning a perfectly evolved master of the oceans into a tasteless bowl of slop is responsible behaviour?

Sea ShepherdMeanwhile, vile corporations such as Mitsubishi have made it a business strategy to drive species such as Bluefin Tuna into extinction, realising that the value of the frozen carcasses they are stockpiling will go through the roof once the species goes under.  Read more here.

We are laying waste to the home of our children.